Meet Tina Ridge

Welcome!  Here's a bit about me!

I have a passion for helping driven leaders eliminate stress and anxiety so they can THRIVE!  I love watching clients have amazing aha moments that bring them back home to themselves.  I can FEEL the freedom that comes from these moments and it warms my heart every time!

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I’m an Empath and highly intuitive.  I use my natural gifts to help clients see the underlying patterns that are hidden.  I feel clients' emotions (sometimes even more than my clients can feel them for themself!)  I am able to assist my clients in removing stuck energy (aka stuck emotions and unhelpful thoughts) that are limiting them in life.

I’m a Level II Certified Rapid Relief Technique Practitioner certified through Hey U Human.  I have significant training in grief, trauma, emotions, and human behavior.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Indiana University.

I have eliminated anxiety and stress from my life using the tools and gifts I use with clients.  I have been working with clients 1:1 since 2019.

I live in Southern Indiana with my husband Andy and our two boys A.J. & David.  When I'm not working with clients and supporting my community, I enjoy spending time with family, spending time alone, being in nature, and living a life full of love, and a mixture of slowing down and taking action!

In 2021 I was a contributing article writer for Sibyl Spiritual Magazine and I was featured on the cover in December 2021.  You can read my Inside Cover Story below!

If you are ready to book a free introductory session, click the button below.  I'm looking forward to meeting with you soon!

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Balance is out!  Alignment and wholeness are in! At this point in my journey, it is clear there is a lot out in the world about wellness and balance.  It is also clear that most of the information is surface level and doesn’t teach humans how to connect the dots.  It’s not about exercising 2 hours a day, meditating to stay calm, or only eating salad.  I’m here to show others how to connect the dots and thrive in life.  


Our soul is pure unconditional love, support, and trust.  Our human includes our physical body, energetic body, mind, and emotions.  We also have divine support all around us.  Divine support is here to help us bring to life our deepest desires.  Alignment of all these pieces is key to living a fulfilled life.  When you are living in alignment your heart is whole and open to receiving your deepest desires.  


You may be wondering how to achieve alignment and that feeling of wholeness.  The answer is, put yourself first.  Every single day.  When you learn how to connect with yourself every day in the most impactful ways major shifts will happen in your life.  Imagine you are falling in love with yourself.  What do you enjoy doing?  What dreams and desires do you have for your life?  What do you want to create?  It’s not about speeding up and sacrificing, it’s about slowing down and truly connecting with you!


Let’s start with the body.  Movement is important for the physical body.  Make sure you are moving in ways that feel good to you.  Think of it as pleasure movements.  This can be walking, yoga, running, swimming, or any other activity to get your body moving.  The energic body enjoys movement as well.  It helps the natural flow of energy.  You can find some amazing daily energy routines online.  This helps strengthen your aura, also known as your energic field.


Next, let’s look at the mind.  One of the biggest issues I see with the positivity movement is people push down anything that is not positive.  Humans have been conditioned to ignore the heavy or painful thoughts and to paint over those thoughts with happy positive thoughts.  The heavy and painful thoughts are still living in the body and will remain until they are processed fully and completely.  When heavy and painful thoughts stay in the mind, they create the reality you do not desire.


The final piece are emotions.  Emotions are data to help process out what is no longer serving us.  Emotions are not always logical or rational.  The world teaches humans to manage or control their emotions.  The key to emotions is feeling them fully and completely in a healthy way.  When we push our emotions down, just like the thoughts, they remain in our body and keep us stuck and feeling unfulfilled in life.  When we push down emotions like anger, rage, and jealousy we are also pushing down peace, joy, love, and bliss.


I’ve discovered in my journey making myself a priority every single day is a game changer.  When you bring all the above pieces together and make time for yourself every single day, you will thrive!  You are a limitless spiritual being in physical form here to have a beautiful experience on earth.  You can create anything your heart desires.  Treat yourself kind and listen to your beautiful body.  No one else can do this for you.  You must draw a line in the sand and say, I put me first today and everyday and when I do I thrive! 

Ready to THRIVE?